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  1. Homepage 3 ( Ultra simple )

    [block id=”homepage-slides”] [block id=”banner-row-3-column-zoom-effect”]

  2. Homepage 2 ( Simple )

    [block id=”slider-homepage-simple-slides”] [block id=”shop-features-icon-left”] [block id=”latest-from-blog”]

  3. Wishlist


  4. Shortcode – UX Sliders

    UX Sliders are inserted with a Shortcode Generator. Its possible to slide almost anything by wrapping [ux_slider] [/ux_slider] around the content. Available parameters: [ux_slider timer="4500"…

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  5. Shortcode – UX Banners

    UX Banners are responsive and animated banners. These banners can be inserted into a UX Slider or into a banner grid. [ux_banner bg=”” height=”500px” animation=”flipInX”]…

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  6. Shortcode – Blog posts

    [blog_posts columns=”3″ posts=”8″ category=”” image_height=”200px” show_date=”true”] [blog_posts columns="3" posts="8" category="" image_height="200px" show_date="true"]

  7. Shortcode – Tabs / Accordion

    [tabgroup title=”Horizontal tabs”] [/tabgroup] [tabgroup title="Tab title"] [tab title="Tab 1 Title"] Tab content [/tab] [tab title="Tab 2 Title"] Tab content [/tab] [tab title="Tab 3 Title"]…

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  8. Shortcodes

  9. Shortcode – Pinterest Style

    [products_pinterest_style cat=”women”] [products_pinterest_style cat="women"]

  10. Homepage (Default)

    [block id=”slider-homepage-slides-video”] [block id=”banner-row-3-column-zoom-effect”] [title text=”weekly featured products” style=”center”] [ux_featured_products] [title text=”Browse our categories” style=”center”] [ux_product_categories number=”20″ parent=”0″ columns=”4″] [block id=”shop-features”] [block id=”reviews-in-slider”] [block id=”latest-from-blog”]



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